Working with the CFSLA Professional cilais

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  • Proper professional financial certification/designation or professional financial license
  • Earn 10 CE credits per year (6 specifically in college or student loan topics)
  • View Annual update (July/August) & year end webinar (December)-(Live or Recorded)
  • Operate under a Fiduciary Standard

CFSLA Directory

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Register a Complaint


If you would like to file a complaint against a CFSLA Advisor for professional misconduct, please send an email to .  To make sure your complaint is valid we require that your provide documents and evidence to support the statement of unprofessional competency.

Once our investigation is complete, if it has determined that the complaint was valid then College Affordability LLC will remove the professional from our list of certified CFSLA advisors.  College Affordability LLC is not legally responsible for any of the actions or recommendations that the CFSLA advisor provides to their clients.