In College Payer Software

The In College Payer Software is for your clients who have children currently enrolled in undergraduate, post-graduate, associate and technical schools.  Student debt is currently over $1.3 trillion dollars.  The college funding and student loan decision process is complex and confusing.  Help your client improve student loan decisions, debt structure  and maximize their resources.

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Have the knowledge and analysis to answers your client's college funding and student loan questions when their children are in college.

Benefits of the EFC PLUS In College Payer Software:

Track Current Debt

Projects Costs


Uses student’s academic progress (SAP)

Client sets graduation target date

Analyze cost per semester

Projects Graduation Debt


List incurred & projected debt to graduation

Builds proper debt structure

Shows legal responsibility of debt structure

Student Loan Repayment


Calculates all 8 federal loan repayment options

Displays federal loan repayment options

Shows maximum income allocations per repayment methods

Informed Decision


Engages parent & student in loan decisions

Project financial college outcome

Puts net cost & loan repayment in 1 place

Financial Life Analysis


Displays income & expenses at graduation

Introduces financial literacy to borrower

Calculates borrowing consequences of past & future decisions

Review the power of the In College Payer Software

Are you ready to purchase In College Payer Software?

The In College Payer can be purchased as an individual license by either the consumer of by the financial professional.  The Financial advisor may also get a bulk discount if 10 licenses are bought as a bundle.  The advisor must first register for a discount code.

Individual Consumer License



Advisor License



for 10 licenses