The paying for college blog provides objective and independent information for our readers. It covers all of the college funding topics, from paying for college through student loan repayment.The goal of blog is to bring the personal financial expertise to the college decision.  Many families focus only on the financial aid process.  To lower your cost of education you need to bring together the financial aid process, college saving plans, educational tax strategies and various financing options.
College Affordability LLC has created the EFC PLUS website where the current blogs are updated.  New articles are posted 3 times a month.  We try to keep our readers updated on any recent changes Our readers will find updated information on any changes enacted by government.  For example, we have written about the FSA ID and also the suspension of DRT.

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Expected Family Contribution

Your family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the starting point for creating your college funding strategy.  As parent’s search for ways to lower their educational costs, understanding the details of the expected family contribution calculation is very important.    The biggest misconception is that the EFC is only one number.   In reality, the calculation of your…


Fred Amrein Attends PACAC Enrollment Management Conference

During the weekend of June 21 & 22, Fred Amrein attended the PACAC Enrollment Management Conference.  College Enrollment Management is the function that brings the college admission process and financial aid together.  This function has been evolving over the past few decades and is now the way most college operates.  Having a better understanding of…