diploma cashCollege Affordability LLC is a customer-focused college financial software company.  The primary goal of the company is to simplify the college financial decision process for students and parents.  It is the first company to provide a complete college financial solution for families that will help them make decisions concerning saving, paying and loan repayment for college.

Due to increased complexities, college financial aid offices are limited to only specific areas of college funding. Our goal is to provide families with a comprehensive and easy to use tool that evolves with the student at the various times of this cost.  This goal was achieved with the development of EFC PLUS, the college financial planning software.  Our software and process provides families with independent and objective advice on each aspect of the college financial decision process.

The company founder, Fred Amrein, is a national recognized expert in the entire college funding process.  He brings the personal financial expertise to the college financial aid process.


We do more than others:

Being able to provide answers for the entire process is our major advantage.  Our advice can cover from before you attend college to after you graduate.  Listed below are just a few things:

  • Financial Aid Positioning
  • Projected financial outcome for each specific college
  • Side by side comparisons
  • Webinars to support you through the decision process
  • Analyze financing options
  • Loan repayment and forgiveness options

Our Process

The EFC PLUS software solution generates a four-year cash flow that helps families understand how to maximize their tuition dollars. EFC PLUS is a college cost calculator that generates a customized financial outcome by college based on your budget and financial aid position.  It provides college affordability and an estimated financial outcome by college by student. Our analysis brings all the financial options together so you can lower your cost and maximize your financial resources.