College Cost Analyzer Software

This software is for parents who are trying to plan for college and understand the four-year cost of this education.  The College Cost Analyzer creates a custom approach so that families can better understand the college financial decisions they are ready to make.  The Pay For ED software is easy to use and puts all the financial data in one place for better comparisons.

Currently, the national four-year graduation rate is under 40% and student debt is skyrocketing.  Help your client understand their academic and financial reach during the college selection process.  Then walk them through the steps on how they will pay the tuition bill while at the same time maximizing their financial resources. This advice can help them avoid costly mistakes.

By having a comprehensive college software, financial advisors and families can  better plan for college and retirement.  Help your client reach these two important goals!

Have the knowledge and analysis to answers your client's college funding questions. Find out how the College Cost Analyzer software can be part of your college planning solution.

Key features in College Cost Analyzer:



Save time & easy to use

College cost in one place

Engage the student in decision process

    EFC Calculation


Federal Methodology/FAFSA

Institutional Methodology

Detailed 4 quadrant EFC analysis

Display family timeline

Financial Aid Positioning


Utilizes EFC PLUS Enrollment Management Matrix

Displays academic reach

Displays financial reach

Helps create better college list

       Cost Analysis


Projects 4 year net cost

Calculates parts of the financial aid award

Uses school’s historical gifting policies

                Student Debt Analysis


Customizes your student debt per year based on financial award

Helps structure student loan debt

Estimates loan repayment amount at graduation

Displays impact of accumulated debt per year

         Award Letter Analysis


Compare award letter in same format & same place

Generates 4 year financial award analysis

Sort colleges by 4 year net price

Helps families find best college value

Review the power of the College Cost Analyzer

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