Enhance Your Client’s Experience:

Add College Funding and Student Loan Repayment to Your Service Offering

Help Parents and Grandparents with the Most Important and Expensive Decision They Will Make For Their Children

Have the knowledge and tools to help 50 million people with the various college funding and student loan repayment decisions.

Reasons To Add College Funding and Student Loan Repayment

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PayForED is the first complete technology platform that evolves with the student throughout the entire college funding and student loan repayment decisions.  Be on the cutting edge of technology.




Comprehensive Financial Planning should include College Funding and Student Loan Repayment.  Educational Funding is the second most common financial goal.




Reduce educational outflows and help grandparents leave a legacy.  A new approach to asset retention through better next generation planning.

New Revenue



With DOL rule, this can be a new revenue source to attract pre-retirement clients and young professionals.




Most young professionals will have some student loans.  The loan servicers are unable to provide the proper advice.




Help parents and grandparents through this very personal, emotional and expensive decision. FINRA listed designation – CFSLA.

According to 2017 Princeton Review Survey

College Affordability and Student Debt are now the biggest worry for students and parents in the college decision process.

Innovative Software and Comprehensive Training

PayForED Software

Comprehensive Training & Designation

PayForED is the first company to have a complete technology platform built to help families navigate the entire college funding and student loan repayment journey.  Our complete technology platform includes four software solutions that can help families during the whole educational journey from pre-college, to in-college and post graduate education and  then when education is finished calculate student loan repayment and forgiveness.

Our cloud-based environment helps make the advisor more efficient while improving the client experience.  It allows the advisor to become the financial strategist and offers the client the opportunity to explore all of their college and student loan options.  Our software enhances your client’s relationship by saving them time, money and stress.  It puts all of the financial information in one place.

By simplifying the process, clients are able to engage their children in the financial decision.  According to a recent FINRA study, 54% of the millennials would have made different college decisions if they had the proper financial information.

We offer the first comprehensive college funding and student loan training program.  To fund college properly, advisors need to know: financial aid positioning, educational tax strategies, college funding plans, financing options and student loan repayment.  We offer a comprehensive CFP CE program worth 16 CEs.

Our FINRA listed designation will help you standout from other financial advisors.  The College Funding and Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA) will be the new fiduciary standard for advisors who work in this area.

With this knowledge, advisors will be able to provide clients with a holistic solution to a very important decision.  It will also help advisors retain assets by providing grandparents with a better legacy plan and reaching the next generation.

The CFSLA training program has six sections.  These courses can be taken individually if you are only pursuing specific knowledge in a given area.

Join Us in Solving the Student Debt Crisis