The college decision is one of the most important and expensive decision a parent and student will make in their life.  Due to the increased cost, many of these financial decisions will affect your lives for years to come.  College Affordability LLC provides a series of solutions to help families make better college financial decisions.

Our goal is to help students and parents envision the financial outcome of the various college financial decisions.  Our innovative approach helps families through the entire process from an affordable college list to deciding on the right student loan repayment option.  We help families maximize their financial resources and minimize their student loans. 

College Affordability Solutions

EFC PLUS Software


The EFC PLUS college financial aid and student loan software helps students and parents make better college decisions. Our unique approach simplified the process by putting the financial information in one place and projecting the customized numbers at each of the college funding decision points.  This user friendly, web-based software evolves with the student and family through the entire process.  The are three software solutions depending where a student is in the college decision process.

  • College Cost Analyzer  – (Pre – College and College Decision)
  • In College Payer –  (While in College for Undergraduate and Graduate Students)
  • Student Loan Repayment Analyzer – (Students in Repayment)                    (SLRA software available in Spring 2018)

Get Professional Advice


As a goal to prevent and stop the growing student debt issue, College Affordability LLC has created a professional training program and designation to help families get the correct advice.  These financial professionals take a holistic approach to the college financial decisions process.  In addition, the advisors listed on this site need to act in a fiduciary matter, which means that have to act in your best interest.

Here are the issue they can help you with:

  • Saving for College
  • Planning for College and College Decision
  • Paying for College
  • Student Loans
  • Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness

Free Resources on EFC


The EFC PLUS website is a great free resource for students and parent to use.  It provides some basic knowledge of the entire financial aid and student loan repayment process.  On this website there is a free EFC calculator, newsletter, and webinars that are available to families.  The EFC PLUS website is an opportunity for you to get an objective second opinion and information needed to make a better college decision.