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Make a Better College Financial Decision Using College Cost Analyzer

Do It Once, Do It Right!

College Affordability has a financial college software tool College Cost Analyzer. This online software is easy to use and provides a combination of financial analysis graphs, video help and live webinars to walk families through the financial aid process and college funding decisions

Our process steps you through the financial aid process and generates a custom analysis based on your financial aid position, budget and the colleges being considered. The College Cost Analyzer allows you to enter your financial data one time and calculates all of the financial aid information by college. This will save you time, money and minimize the stress.  You enter your data once and then just select the colleges. All of the college financial information is in one place and easy to compare net cost.

Discover the Pay For ED software Reporting Advantage


Detailed EFC Calculation

Financial Aid Positioning

 College List Building

Academic and Financial Aid Matrix

Four Year Financial Aid Estimate

Four Year Cash Flow

Reduces College Applications and Application Fees

College Decision

Award Letter Analysis

Side by Side Standard Comparison

Projection of Graduation Debt and Monthly Payment

College Affordability has developed a website to specifically showcase the Pay For ED software.  To learn more about this product click the button below.

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