Changing the Way Families Make

College Financial Decisions

PayForED software generates custom financial analysis 

Before College


  • Financial Aid Positioning
  • Identifies Academic and Financial Reach
  • Personalized Cash Flow and Debt Analysis
  • Award Letter Comparison 

During College


  • Helps Undergraduate and Gradute Students
  • Project Debt to Graduation
  • Calculates All Repayment Methods
  • Builds a Financial Life after Graduation

After Graduation


  • Calculates All Loan Repayment Options
  • Private vs Federal Consolidation Comparison
  • Loan Forgiveness Anlaysis
  • Married Couples Analysis

Innovative Approach

Colleges only provide financial information one year at a time.  This is due to certain rules regarding financial aid based on a Student’s Academic Progress (SAP).  Due to this planning shortfall, students and parents are unable to project the financial outcome of college.  The PayForED Software has solved this problem.

The College Cost Analyzer and In-College Payer helps families calculate a customized plan that projects their debt and repayment options at graduation.  By having this information, students and parents can avoid excessive student loans and better utilize their financial resources.  Our software simplifies the process and organizes the information in one place.  The Student Loan Repayer helps you when college is finished to get the answers for your student loan repayment.

Our approach helps families make better on going financial college decisions since we help families see the financial outcome for each college based on their situation, their current financial award and the college’s historical financial gifting policy.

Let PayForED software be a tool you can use with your clients to help you maximize their financial resources and at the same time help them avoid excessive student debt.   Take the complexity and stress out of the college decision.  

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