Hourly college financial advice is available.  Our expertise in other financial areas can help you better understand how your retirement will be impacted by the cost of educating your children.  If one of the fixed programs do not fit your need we offer a hourly option that maybe helpful.  If you feel you want to do a complete financial plan reviewing both education and retirement as an example then please consider our financial plan service.  Our unique expertise in college funding and financial planning can give parents a much broader vision of their financial landscape.

For hourly work, after our initial discussion,  we require you to send us an outline with questions you would like us to address.  We then estimate the time required for you to get your answers.  This minimizes the risk of an unexpected cost for you.

Our approach is to give objective and independent solutions to our clients. With no compensation being generated from our recommendation this eliminates any conflict of interest for our clients.

For some people taking a much broader review of their financial position may be helpful.  It may help them better understand how much college they can afford. As an example evaluating your retirement and education goals are closely related.  Proper planning and advice is critical to your financial future. We use a goal based process that prioritizes your financial goals, based on your risk tolerance, timing and many other factors.  Our  financial planning service creates a road map for your future financial decisions.

Our Hourly Project Rate is $200.00 per hour.  Call for our fixed fee financial planning services.