The career center is one of the most important resources on a college campus but is often overlooked in the college decision.  It is under-utilized by many students early in their college experience also.  Proper use of the hidden resource can prevent additional years of college.  The cost of changing majors or not deciding on a major is a reason for graduation rates going beyond the normal four years.  These can be an expensive mistake.

The career center is connection between the academic world and the real world.  For many families the focus of a college education is the admission decision and the school you attend.  I agree each school has their strengths but we often get impressed with the branding of the name and not the reason for the education.  The college career center is the resource that brings this together.

Visiting the career center should be part of your college visit and then utilized once your select your college.  Listed below are a few items covered in the college career center video:

  • Establish and confirm career options
  • Job preparation skills
  • Resume and interview building
  • College Internships
  • Graduate placement and salary information
  • Company and Alumni affiliations

By getting on the right career track early, students can improve their college experience and outcome of their education.