The College Decision Process

Making the best college decision requires preparation, analysis, and a vision of your future. Researching and gathering information is the basis for making this decision. Each of these categories require a different skill set to analyze but all need to be weighted fairly equally in your evaluation.  With the cost of education increasing and more careers requiring additional education, making the best college decision has become very important.

The three major categories are: Academics, Environment and Financial.  The primary focus of this website is financial aid and other paying for college strategies, yet in your decision process your need to weigh each of the factors fairly evenly.  As you sort through the information focusing on a few variables will improve your decision process and also make sure your approach is fairly balanced.

During the college decision process, there is a great deal of emotional stress in making the best choice and getting into the right school.  Both the parents and students need to manage this stress.  Focusing on the outcome of the education and not admissions is critical within the process.  Having a multi-year plan and understanding this is a marathon and not a sprint may help you.  It is important to realize that a college education is big business.  You need to treat this as a business decision and investment.

The college decision video addresses these factors:

As part of the college decision, colleges have gotten much more sophisticated on how their admission process works.  This will vary by school but it is extremely sophisticated.  Schools are tracking website visits, on campus visits, and other demographic information to screen their applicants.  It is recommended that once you have narrowed your college choices you:

  • Visit while the school is in full session
  • Visit the career center
  • Understand that weather and your tour guide will influence your opinion
  • Evaluate transportation on both a cost and time basis

Focus on the purpose of a college education and not just being educated.  Our professional college financial service can help you with the the entire college funding process, please visit the Services page.  Our goal is to lower your out of pocket cost of education.