Freshman year has gone by quickly and the next three years will fly by even faster.  Many do not realize that the second semester of your sophomore year of high school is the best time to begin your financial aid positioning for college.

The reason for this advanced planning is that the school year and tax year do not match up.  If you have already started, your college funding plan, congratulations.  For those who have not started to plan, it is not too late.

College Funding is one of the complicated financial processes parents will go through with their child.  It is also one of the most expensive.  If you envision this process as an investment in the child’s future and approach it like a business decision, your outcome may be more favorable.

Having your child learn how to have good study habits and establishing good time management skills will improve their college experience.  For the parents, having a college funding plan needs to be created now.

 The key points of this video are:

This is a very complicated process please use the other videos and resources within the website.  If you need professional college funding advice, please visit our package page.  We can help you avoid common mistakes and maximize your saving potential.