What is College Financial Aid Series

The college decision process requires a great deal of information that needs to be considered.  Finding the best sources of financial aid information is important.  This video walks through the various information providers and their purpose in the process.  Understanding that the college process is big business and your decision process should be objective. Getting the best information from the right source will help you make the best decision. As you go through the financial aid process you will need to disclose the majority of your personal financial information.  This level of disclosure will depend on the schools you are applying to and the process they use. With more informational websites available, having confidence in the online websites will be important since you may be inputting your personal information. This video will explain the various roles of each person in the college process.  Since this is one of the most important and expensive decisions you will make for your child, getting the answers from the right sourcce is critical. 

The financial aid information sources video covers:

    • College information sources
    • Warnings about websites
    • Personal information control

The description of financial aid information sources will help you to begin to understand the college process. If you need professional college financial help, please visit our Services page.