Private Student Loan Consolidation is more difficult to complete than the federal loan consolidation.  There are currently on a few companies that will consolidate private student loans.  By consolidating your private loans you do a few things.  You simplify the number of payment you make in a month.  The biggest advantage is you can convert to a fixed interest rate.  Most Private Student Loans have a variable interest rate when established.

The importance of your co-signer is critical when you are going to consolidate your private loans.  Before you consolidate your private loans, you need to understand the release options for the co-signer for both current loans and the future consolidation.  The co-signer is legally responsible for the loans if the primary borrower defaults.  Some Co-signer do not fully understand the financial liability they create for themselves when they co-sign.

By consolidating your private loans it allow you to better create a total student loan repayment plan.  By having a fixed private loan repayment you can use the various federal payment methods to create a payment that fits your personal budget.

Discover the advantages of consolidating your Private Student Loans and other aspects that you need to consider before making that decision.  This program will cover:

  • Difficult of creating an inventory of your Private Student Loans
  • Lack of Lenders that do Private Student Loan Consolidations
  • Co-signers impact and risks
  •  Limited repayment options compared to Federal Student Loans
  • Evaluating a total student loan repayment plan

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