Private Student Loan Repayment Plans have limited options.  Extending the repayment time is the only option you may have. There are a few items you need to consider when creating your private student loan repayment.  Identify a strong co-signer with a good credit score will be helpful.  As a courtesy, you need to understand the rules for releasing the co-signer for the loan. Consolidating your Private Student Loans should be considered to fix the interest rate on your loans. Many families used Private Student Loans to fund their child’s college education.  This may have been the primary source of lending or a secondary source. Private Student Loans may have had a few advantages when they were initially borrowed but from a student loan repayment plans their options are limited.

The private student loan repayment plans video includes:

  • Which student loan repayment options are available
  • Benefits and risks you need to consider
  • Importance of the co-signer
  • Why to consider consolidation
  • Maximizing the Federal Student Loan Repayment options with your Private Student Loan Repayment Budget

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