For many students and families taking on other student loans was required to attain a college education.  The cause for this debt was due to the increase cost of education and the limited amount a student can borrow.  Many used Private Student Loans to finance this gap.  What many parents did not realize is that they are legally responsible for that loan if there child should default or is unable to make the payments.

Parent Student Loans come in various forms.  The federal parent student loans are called PLUS loans.  Other Parent Student Loans come in various forms such as co-signing on a private student loan or maybe taking a home equity loan.  In all of these cases the parents have some, if not all legal responsibility for the debt repayment.

The entire student loan process is one of the most complicated financing a person may face in their life time.  Many parents may not even realized the financial risk they have incurred by co-signing on their students private loans.  Understanding the risk and some of the precautions you need to take are identified in this video.  Items covered are:

  • Risk of Co-signing
  • Your financial exposure
  • Insurances you may want to consider
  • Item to consider if you consolidate or restructure these loans


For more information on similar topics please visit our resource page.  If professional assistance is required please contact us.

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