Student Loan Default is one of the biggest mistakes a borrower can do once their repayment process begins.  The penalties are severe for both students and parents.  Depending on your loan structure this can be eliminated or minimized with some of the Income Based Repayment Plans available now.  It is a little more difficult for students who have private loans since the repayment options are more limited. Student Loan Repayment is one of the most complicated financing a person will do in their life time.  In these economic times many recent graduates or people who have stopped going to school, are not employed or underemployed.  This financial burden is additional stress on their personal and financial life but defaulting on your student loans is not an options.  New student loan repayment plans are available to help you avoid default and keep your credit score good.

The video on avoiding student loan default includes:

  • Penalties of Student Loan Default
  • Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans that can help
  • Government assistance on loan repayment
  • Helpful websites if you are in default

Defaulting  on your student loans can have a long term effect on your credit score and make future financing more difficult or expensive for a person.  If further professional financial help is needed please visit our Services page.

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