Student Loan Repayment Analyzer

Currently, student loan borrowers total approximately 43 million Americans with debt exceeding 1.3 trillion dollars. This software is for the borrowers with student loan debt who need help with debt structure and repayment analysis.

A shortfall in the process is the colleges and loan servicers are legally unable to provide the financial advice, that borrowers need to make the best decisions.  For many the debt is accumulated earlier in a person’s life when there are little financial complexities, such as marriage, children and other financial obligations.  Our Student Loan Repayment Tool helps you navigate these complications.

Have the knowledge and analysis to answers your client's student loan and repayment questions. Find out how the Student Loan Repayment software can be part of your firms solution.

Key features in the Student Loan Repayment Analyzer:

Detailed Repayment


Calculates all federal repayment options

Identifies income limits by Income Driven Repayment Methods (IDR)

Compares tax filing status & various loan repayment options by borrower

Debt Analysis


Import federal loans from NSLDS

Manually input other student loans

Handles married couples with student loans

Loan Forgiveness


Loan forgiveness eligibility

Identifies qualifying loan repayment methods & amounts by borrower

Describes proper methodology of applying for loan forgiveness

Projected Scenario Analysis


Compares tax filing changes

Impact of projected income changes

Federal & Private loan consolidation analysis

The Student Loan Repayment Analyzer will be available in the May, 2018